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My Story

Hello.  I have spent 35+ years in corporate America as a mid level manager, I was tired and I wanted to find a new and exciting adventure. I am so happy to share my Scentsy Family story with you. My journey began in November 2010 when my then rising hockey playing 19 year old, son asked for help adjusting his jam packed schedule of practice, college courses and game travel so he could work more hours at his fast foods job at a local mall.  Working more hours at the mall was not his answer.  Based on my experience, I knew the best ways for him to earn additional viable income was in sales. A person I knew was doing something in direct sales having something to do with candles... it happened to be Scentsy.  I went to visit her (she had actually never sponsored anyone), ...  she didn't invite me, I called her!  She had actually joined Scentsy 4 months earlier just so she could buy the warmers and wax for herself to replace her candle addiction.  I was intrigued to find Scentsy was a safe, flameless, soot free, wickless candle alternative that made sense and I really liked it! I liked the beautiful array of ceramic warmers and at first sniff of the pleasant variety of strong scents, I was feeling draw in already... the scents were enchanting I took some fliers, went home, spent half the night on Google and read everything I could find about Scentsy.  I think it was about 3:30 AM when I signed up.... myself, I liked what I was reading so much.  My sponsor never even knew until I called her...  I was her first....  a Scentsy Man to boot.  Next, I leaped into being a consultant. It was easy to join at a low cost start up fee. I read, I learned all I could on my own, I failed ast some things, succeeded at many others.  In just a few months, I became a Scentsy “Superstar Consultant” . My goal is to retire from my corporate job and begin having fun again....  to share what I found and make a difference in many people's lives, helping them achieve whatever they can dream.  This was the way life and work should be.  I retired in April 2014 and couldn't be happier with that decision, this is so much better. Honestly, I knew I could be a Scentsy Director and set a goal to do so by the end of 2012, and I did it.  Wow, what an experience.  Then I fell back into the excuse trap.  Although I worked hard and fast, I also allowed other life situations, and especially my work and a series of other excuses get in my way.  I say a series of excuses because that's what most were,.  Reasons I glorified to explain why I was not living up to my promises...  achieving my goals...  and just putzing along.  I justified NOT doing what I SHOULD be doing with these excuses.  Because of policy, I lost my title of Director...  the title I worked so hard to get.  I reverted back to a Super Star Consultant.  I accepted less than I was capable of, that is not me.  I started thinking over those first 2 years and realized all i had given up to an excuse. A year and a half into this business opportunity...  many things in my life was better.  I drive a BMW 550i and love it.  It's the best car I have ever owned.  I earned a trip for two to an all inclusive resort at Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, not only all expenses paid, but we flew first class first class.  Have you ever flown in a plane where your seat will laid down flat so you can really sleep....  it's awesome!  I have been to conventions in Ft Worth, TX, Las Vegas (twice), NV, St. Louis and Indianapolis.  I've been a part of Scentsy raising over $600,000 for the National Breast Cancer Association; over $350,000 for Ronald McDonald House Charities and over $600,00 for the American Heart Association.  Through Scentsy I met Kara Laczynski of Tuscaloosa, AL and helped form Buddies of Hope, an informal non-profit to collect Scentsy Buddies ( for children who have suffered traumatic losses.  Buddies of Hope were first spurred by the tornados that ravaged Tuscaloosa and then the same in Monson, MA area.  If you want to make a Buddy donation please just contact me.  Even in sad times, they can bring a smile to the face of a child...  or an elderly person I have since learned. Scentsy has a philosophy of giving more than you take...  I love it.  It is what life should be and I am committed to be a living example.  I may not be a millionaire or billionaire philanthropist... but I can and do make a difference in some people's lives. Most important about Scentsy are the founders, Orville and Heidi Thompson; the home office in Meridian, ID and all the amazing consultants who work to a common mission.  I've sat at Orville's desk on the sheep farm where Scentsy started and most recently at Scentsy Towers in Meridian...  they have come a long way and have given me the opportunity to come a long way in changing my life as well.  I have met and communicate with some extremely amazing people in my life... too many to list here... however, I will say, I am so privileged each and every time I get to talk with Orville and Heidi, they are two of the most people oriented, caring and incredible leaders I've ever met.  Truly "scent"sational. As much fun as it is, we still have plenty of time to do Scentsy successfully.  Whether you want to buy the products, host a home or basket/catalog party, fundraiser or sell it like me, I am here for you.  SInce Family Reunion 2015 in Las Vegas, like Scentsy, I am reimaging me.  My focus and concentration is to be the best I can be for my customers and most of all, my team.  I am focused on providing the best guidance and mentoring possible to help my team reach the star they shoot for. In Scentsy speak...  I will kick the "Q" and return as Director, the Star Director and then one of the first male Superstar Director!  My goals are lofty...  but not as lofty as my goal of doing whatever I can for you. On the Web at On Facebook at